Posted on 2018-08-03

English Speaking Psychologist and Counselor - Anna Rozkwitalska

Counseling and Psychotherapy for Individual Clients and Couples
How long does it take?

Unfortunately there is no clear answer for that question. Every situation and every person is unique and this uniqueness requires individual approach in every case. At first we define your needs, goals and challenges. The number of sessions and the frequency can depend on various factors, e. g. complexity of discussed issues, your availability, the degree of change you aim for.

For instance:
- 1 or 2 sessions - for some people it might be enough. It can be the case if you want to consult quickly very specific topic and gain some clarity and better understanding of certain situation.

- 1-2 months of sessions – it could be sufficient to get better understanding of your current life situation and learn new strategies that could help you for example to deal better with stress or to communicate better with your partner.

- 3-5 months of sessions – it could allow you to notice and understand some patterns in your behavior and thinking. You can exercise then new ways of reacting and break unwanted patterns.

- long term counseling/therapy – you might need it if your problems or symptoms have been lasting already for quite a while and they don’t allow you to function normally or if you have continuous troubles in your interpersonal relationships.

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